The Studio

Welcome to The Boomerang Studios & Jam Room

With a Jam space of 400 Sq feet, we take pride in claiming that this is one of the biggest acoustically treated jam rooms in Bangalore.

400 sq feet of jam space

400 sq feet of expansive acoustically treated rehearsal space is calling all you bands out there – bring it on!

Studio Equipment
Boomerang studios offers you the best hardware equipment for recording and premium software for editing.

  1. Mixer: Allen & Heath QU 32
  2. Sound Card: Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt
  3. Microphones: sE Electronics Gemini II Dual Tube, Rode NT 2A Condenser Mics, Shure SM57s and Shure SM58s
  4. Instruments: 5 piece TAMA Drum Kit
  5. Speakers & Monitors: Presonus ERISE66 Studio Monitors, Quest Engineering QM4 Two-way Active Bass Reflex Speaker, upto 10 x In-Ear Monitors & Noise Isolating Headphones
  6. Amps: Fender Rumble 150W Bass Amp, Fender Mustang III 100W Guitar Amp
  7. System: Apple iMac 27″ for editing, mirrored TVs for Dubbing
  8. Software: Logic Pro, Pro Tools

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Prices, Packages and Promotions:

We offer the most reasonable prices for the Jam space and the recording studio – INR 600 per hour for the jam space and INR 750 per hour for the recording studio. Promotional discounts can reduce these prices even more.

Need the studio longer? Checkout our packages:

  1. INR 5000 + free recording of the jam session – for a complete day’s booking of Jam space. (9AM to 9PM)
  2. INR 6000 for a complete day’s booking for recording studio. (9AM to 9PM)
  3. Combo offer – INR 18,000 for 2 days of Jam space and 2 days of studio.

Promotional prices listed. All packages above include the services of an experienced sound engineer from 9AM to 9PM.

So hurry and schedule a recording with us. Bookings Open

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